The concept of CHIT PRO is very simple – With in a group Money is collected, pooled and dispersed to all members as loan. This practice is not new in human civilization but it gained official approval only decades back. We have a section of administration which is completely devoted to research and development. Chit Pro which basically started as a savings scheme, later evolved as a loan provider for deserving participants. Hence Chit Pro not only encouraged people to save money but also offer them a helping hand whenever they needed. The CHIT PRO Act created in 1982 work in a more professional manner offering security to participants than unofficially run private chits. CHIT PRO are considered as Micro finance organizations and are governed by the different State and Central Laws. Chit Funds are considered as safe means for savings as well as loans. People who invest in Chit Pro gain on a month on month basis in the form of loans as well as in the form of waivers.Chit Pro are of many types based on the functionality of the same.


Packed Full of Powerful Features

Web & Mobile Based

ChitPro software is a web based application for Chit Fund Companies. This software systemizes all the activities that are being carried out by the chits. As a whole this is efficient for all organization those organize chits.

User Friendly

ChitPro ERP software helps keep a track of the chits and makes report management easy. It is one of the simplest software dealing with ChitPro amount transaction of financial organization.

Robust & secure

ChitPro software is equipped with full data security and features which speed up your work and reduce your operational time which directly helps you in concentrating on your marketing and customer management activities.

Cost Effective

Our software uses automation there by reducing manual work, time and Human power. Maintenance of software is easy, and resource consumed by the use of the software is less so which makes this software cost effective.

Chit Pro software includes following powerful features

Admin & Branch Panel Detail

Member / Customer Management, Online Member / Customer registration, Online Member / Customer Panel

Member Panel Detail

Add/withdraw share, Share Cartificate print, Dividend calculation

chit collector Detail:

Chit collectors typically work for chitfund companies and has to collect money daily, weekly or monthly.


The Android App is developed exactly as chit fund operates which is fast and secure.

Pigmy Collector

pigmy collector is collection of payment from customers

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